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Heupel Law Closed, Website Down

High-volume Denver bankruptcy law firm Heupel Law has closed it doors. As of 7 March 2016,the website for Heupel Law,, was offline. Before going offline, the website bore the following message:

 Heupel Law currently ceased operations as of February 28, 2016. At this time, it is unclear if and when the firm may reopen.

Calling Heupel Law will result in a voicemail suggesting that you email [email protected] for information on transferring your case.

If you are in an active bankruptcy, you may have received a document from the Court titled NOTICE REGARDING COUNSEL OF RECORD FOR DEBTOR(S) which states the following:

The matter before the Court is the Order Approving Amended Conditional Admission of Misconduct and Imposing Sanctions pursuant to Colorado Rule of Professional Conduct 251.22, which was entered by the Colorado Supreme Court in case numbers 15PDJ032 and 15PDJ043 on January 14, 2016. Pursuant to the Order, Kevin D. Heupel, Attorney Registration Number 30264, is suspended from the practice of law for a period of one year and one day, effective February 28, 2016. Accordingly, Kevin D. Heupel is no longer counsel of record for Debtor(s).

If you were a client of Heupel Law and have questions about the retainer you remitted to the firm, need assistance in a ongoing bankruptcy case, or are preparing to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy, feel free to contact The Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray at 303-900-8598.

This office is in no way affiliated with Heupel Law.



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